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Project - Health Circuit

Health circuit is unique initiative a Non- Profit Pilot project being taken Up by Drogaria Raicar in association with Doctors community, medical retailers, NGO's.

This project will be primarily alert the people on the possible out break of diseases as well as trend of any diseases that are being noted in various parts of Goa, thus informing health authorities to take up matter.

This is completely transperant project and will directly post the alert as received from the various points of data collection, (after processing and determing the threat level).

This will help the people at large to get alerted in time, thus taking up enough precaution to curtail its spread.
This is a Unique project, is right now being worked upon in order to safe guard and creating back support.

- Team Health Circuit
  Drogaria Raicar
Please note:
1. Interphase Intitially will be simple.
2. Presently covering only Taluka of Salcete (and certain wards)
3. Volunteers to design the interphase are welcome.
4. Pilot phase will start from 1st of Jan 2011.
5. Any one from the following fields
    1. Medical Staff
    2. Retail Pharmacies
    3. Website Designers (intigrating SMS service also).
    4. Data collectors ( Good communication skills to collect data telephonically from area dsignated to them)
are welcome to assit and be part of this project.