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Viccos ortho aid

Established in the year 1994, Viccos Ortho Aids -- Designs, Manufactures and Markets Quality Health Care Products for patients worldwide. 

Having laid the highest emphasis on producing Orthopaedic Devices and Rehabilitation Products to the highest standards of quality and reliability with intelligent resource inputs to provide competitive priced solutions to customers worldwide.

Our Motto includes Four main objectives to achieve :
       " The First aim to assure excellent customer service .
          The Second aim to provide high quality, cost effective and highly efficient products .
          The Third aim is to improve patients quality of life .
          The Fourth aim is doing something positive for the world . "

We carry a wide variety of products and sizes from the simple wrist split to products that are used before and after surgery and some of these products includes Abdominal Support, Sacro Lumbar Support, Cervical Aids, Walking Aids, Wrist & Elbow Supports, Knee and Ankle Support and various other products.
Products of Viccos Ortho Aid are available at Dorgaria Raicar.
(Viccos ortho aid products are classified in quality value for money economy class)