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HCS - Dear @ Home

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Many patients preferred to be at home, rather in Hospital. Its always necessary to be checked for vital stats during home stay as well as Give enough comfort so that Patient always have physical comfort of Hospital and emotional comfort of being at Home.

Keeping This in Mind we are offering you premium package so you dear one will always feel highly comfortable in both aspects.

Basic Pack

  1. Semi Fowler bed
  2. Bed Side Table with elevation control (Food food and reading)
  3. Bed side commode (Without Wheel/Foldable)
  4. Wheel Chair Imported – (With detachable food/ Reading tray)
  5. Glucomter
Extra as per requirement 
  1. Pulse Oximeter
  2. Emergency Oxygen High concentrate for 3-4 Mins only
  3. Oxygen Cylinder (Up to 1.5 Lt) trolley (oxygen will have to procruded separately will from I.P Oxygen rental vendors)
  4. Blood Pressure Meter
  5. Air bed/ Water bed (with Mackintosh)
Delivery Time: Mostly all goods are are in Stock. In case of Non- availability one may ask for approximate delivery time.
Payment: All Cash/Direct deposit.
Choosing: One Cannot Modify Basic Pack / Extra may be chosen as per need
Delivery Time: As per chosen date / time / at chosen Location. 
Delivery Charges: Free delivery will be given in certain areas. Additional charges as mentioned during final quote applies.
Pricing: Use get in Touch above link.