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Hire / Re-sale

We at Drogaria Raicar DO NOT Re-sale Products. Nor we Hire any of our product for any duration. We do not take back Hygiene products once they are Billed and delivered.

Well noted the fact that Many of our clients have wheel chairs, Potties, Semi-Fowler bed in good state. Many people cannot afford to buy new one. Hence we are starting this column where people can post what they got and can sell on there own. We request every one to check product physically before buying. If product is not what is being described please click here for notification. On confirmation product will be removed. Only following product can be sold
Wheel chairs (New ones start at Rs. 4500 /-) , Wheel chairs with commodes (New ones start at Rs.5500/-), Semi-fowler and Fowler beds. (New one Starts at Rs. 9160)

Drogaria Raicar DO not regulate this market place nor assures quality of what is sold here.
This place is for private individual and no Business are allowed to sell. Legal action will be taken if found that Business establishment is using this forum to sell there product. Be notified all IP address are recorded as per policy of Google sites and Google analytic's.